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About Our Founder


Tonia Torrellas is a Mompreneur/Nurse/Inventor and a person that LOVES to "Give-Back"...


A self-described serial "Problem-Solver" and passionate lover of the environment; Tonia was compelled to start her company when she saw just how complacent businesses and people around her were to the dangers of single use disposable bags.


Tonia was able to solve the issue of why consumers and businesses were slow to take up reusable bags by creating a clear, see-through design that allows everyone to see the products inside.


Inspired by her "Depression-age" parents, Tonia from her youth was instilled to disdain for "unnecessary" waste of our resources.


Tonia deeply believes that in issues of our Planet there is no red/ no blue only GREEN.

We are ALL stewards of this great Planet Earth and "Together" we can secure it for generations to come...


This Spring we began a podcast called:

"B"-Our Planets Solution

inspiring the power of One Reusable at a Time.

thru the Word of Mom-media network.

Thank you to it's creator and our producer Dori DeCarlo for allowing us this platform to help bring stories of "B'ing" Green and Sustainable to life... 

About It's My Bag


When Tonia Torrellas came up with the brilliant concept of creating and distributing reusable dry cleaning garment bags that would eliminate disposable options, she never thought her idea would morph into the multifaceted 'It's My Bag' brand that today creates bags that work in a variety of uses from shopping, retail, travel and bridal clothing transport to charity and corporate gifting, closet organization and even for safety and security purposes.


It's My Bag had a surprising & humbling turn in 2020 due to Covid-19 as being a benefit to Frontliners with 

distancing/organizing & containing their potentially contaminated clothing.


Some described it as "PPE-4 Clothes" - "Their own "Personal Portable-Locker"!


It's My Bag has put a fresh and fashionable spin on PPE with a bag that doubles as a travel locker!

The dual-compartment patented designed garment bag comes with an additional built-in hamper that allows

used clothes to remain separated from the clean ones.


This has been a game changer for essential and frontline workers during the global COVID-19 pandemic - with many physicians and frontline workers being able to travel with their clothes without being concerned about cross-contamination.

Plus, it's also reusable and eco-friendly!  


In fact, T-Mobile has taken a liking in the give-back product and has purchased hundreds of bags so far!


As the world "open-up" post Covid-19 and people head back to work and traveling about; We are introducing It's My Bag 2.0 to "B" there to help ease the transport and protection of one's garments. Same patented "built-in" hamper design; but with a "razor-back" design that will allow for "additional" storage when not being used as a hamper.

This bag will be made in the USA for quicker turnaround and overseas as well.


Whether to and from work / going about-town / weekend get-away/ distance travel / Bridal / Golfing / or sending a New Grad to forge their new path...


On the road to It's MyB, inc's growth as a Lifestyle Brand of reusables we are gathering those interested in partnering with us to make:


  • Shoe Boxes

  • Pizza Boxes

  • Shipping boxes

  • Food & Beverage Carriers 


ALL REUSABLE, as well as filtered reusable water bottle, compost bin and so much more...

About Aunt Toni's Yummy Crummys

More about the best crumbcake on Long Island coming soon...

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