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What's In Your Closet?

Chances are it's loaded with:
"Senseless Single Use Plastic clothes coverings".

Check out our It's My Bag Solution instead; a patented & proven Reusable and Eco-Friendly Garment Bag! 


The Patented and Proven Reusable and Eco-Friendly Garment Bag! ♻️


Our multi-functional patented & proven reusable garment bag; great for travel/bridal gifting/closet organizing & beyond! 


We are a Wholesale/ Customized /Personalized/Corporate Gifting & Special Order Site.

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Why It'sMyBag?

It's My Bag has put a fresh and fashionable garment bag that doubles a travel locker! The dual-compartment patented designed garment bag comes with an additional built-in hamper that allows used clothes to remain separated from the clean ones.



Every year, dry cleaners use more than 300 million pounds of this plastic film in the U.S. alone. (They are sometimes known as poly bags because they are made from a kind of plastic known as polyethelene.) The vast majority—96%—will end up in a landfill or the ocean, where it will slowly break into particles that eventually end up in the food chain, and inside animals and humans.

A typical dry cleaner, with 800 customers, pays $13,500 a year for plastic film; replacing them with reusable bags would cost $8,000 a year, a 40% savings.

Last year, a study by a pricing consultancy found that 85% of consumers globally have shifted their purchasing toward more sustainable alternatives over the past five years, and more than a third are willing to pay more for eco-friendly alternatives


"Super useful and really durable! I've taken it with me to several family weddings because it holds so much! Makes a great gift for bridesmaids or groomsmen since everyone is always toting hanging clothes for the whole weekend. Fun idea to have them monogrammed as a special gift! Definitely recommend".

David D, New York, NY

New Shop Category for...


It'sMyBag now has a separate category for items purchased from, for and by LI CARES staff, family and friends. 

$5 on every purchase and 5% of every order...


B-Our Planets Solution with created by Tonia Torrellas, owner and founder of It'sMyBag. Tonia is committed to greening the planet

"one person at a time".


Her journey began with a reusable dry cleaner bag that is Environmentally, Consumer & Business Friendly!! Now we are in the planning stages of future items. These items will all be reusable and they will all begin with the letter "B".

It's Easy To "B" Green!


Special Offers


We are currently taking preorders for customers who wish to buy in bulk. Buy 1 to reserve your selection for the fall.Contact us for more info.

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